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It seems like only yesterday that September joined the 2021 party, and in the blink of eye October is done, and Christmas looms large ( Eek ! ). True to form, it's raining outside. Again.

However, we must soldier on against the terrible weather, and the cold, and try not to dwell on the rising cost of wholesale gas ( Double Eek !! ). 

During November I'll be doing my best, in my own way, to make things a little less rubbish.

And that means 'Origami' ( Yay !!)

I'll be doing 2 all-day workshops at The Central Hall, on the 12th & the 19th. I'll also be making an appearance at Coventry Cathedral on the on the 6th of November ( Midday - 2pm ), and at Sitting Rooms of Culture @ Coventry Market on November 13th ( Midday - 3pm ).

All the workshops are FREE, and suitable for all ages & abilities.

If you'd like to make beautiful things out of sheets of paper, then please come along.

More info can be found on my 


I can confirm the dates of my origami workshops @ The Central Hall for October. I will be there, all day, on the 2nd, the 15th, and the 30th of October. All workshops are free to attend, and are suitable for all ages, and abilities. So, if you are in the vicinity of The Central Hall on any of those dates, please stop by and spend a few minutes making something really wonderful from paper. 

But still in September ( which seems to be disappearing far too quickly into the rearview mirror ), I am so very pleased to announce that Urban Goodies will be officially opening at The Central Hall on the 28th,

and I too will be there on that day, hosting a free origami workshop. Please come along and join us.

I'll be announcing workshop dates for the rest of the year in the very near future.

Here is the official press release, explaining what Urban Goodies are all about.

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I will be at the 'Art in the Orchard' event @ The Coventry Peace Orchard, on the 19th June ( weather permitting ), as part of a fabulous lineup of artists, makers, and creatives. It's free to attend, and will be great fun. 

More info can be found in the Warwickshire Open Studios e-brochure.

Details of 'Art in the Orchard' can be found on page 11:

I am also absolutely thrilled to announce that I have been selected as one of the five artists who will be taking up residency at the Methodist Church at Coventry Central Hall. All of us have some exciting plans for the forthcoming year, culminating in a series of major events next Summer.

Watch this space for more info as event details are announced.

Below is the initial press release, outlining who were are, and a video of the Coventry Central Hall accessibility guide, which aims to take away the anxiety that many people feel when visiting an unfamiliar place.