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Short story illustrations

Front / Back cover, and in-text illustrations for a short story.

Hand drawn and coloured. Edited and compiled in Photoshop.


Public Information posters - 'Zip It' / 'Bin It' / 'Button It'. 

Made from coloured card, photographed, and edited in Photoshop.

'Epic Nail' poster. Promoting a boring product. Created in Photoshop.

'Enron - The Musical' poster design. A3, hand-drawn. Edited, coloured and compiled in Photoshop.


'War of the Worlds' Fighting Machine design. A3, created in Photoshop.

'Uncle Jeff's Christmas Surprise' character design. Combining the theme of 'Burlesque'

with family Christmases of my childhood. Good old Uncle Jeff. Created in Photoshop.

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