The Bit In-between

March 28, 2018

I'm in the lull that resides between the end of one project, and the start of the next. There's usually a sense of loss, a feeling of emptiness. Time that I would normally spend drawing, or imagining up ideas, is now not spent doing those things. I don't like to do nothing. Doing stuff keeps my mind focused, and stops it from floating away into the wide blue yonder.


That said, I also need the downtime so that life doesn't turn into a conveyor-belt of work. It's a balancing act. Just enough of a break so that I don't lose the momentum, but enough so it feels like I have actually given myself enough time

to recharge the mental battery. However, I am just about the world's worse procrastinator, and doing nothing for too long - even if it is a really bad idea - can, paradoxically, become an enticing prospect.


This time, however, things are different. Instead of just lolling around doing sod-all, and feeling slightly guilty about doing sod-all, I have a social media campaign to organise. Despite knowing next to nothing about such things.


But thanks to the wise teachings of Lucas @ Google Garage, Birmingham I will now be hashtagging with the best of them. At least, in my head I will. What I will actually be doing is behaving like a middle-aged man on platforms best suited to people half my age. But not understanding has never been a barrier to trying. Randomly clicking things is , to my mind, a viable tactic. There's always the reset button.


Therefore, from this point onwards, and at undetermined intervals, I will be investing an undisclosed, and variable amount of time in spewing forth fantastically interesting nodules of information via the internets.

There will be photos too. Probably.


And now, it is time for a cup of coffee.




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