Summer Makers' Market

July 3, 2018

Last Saturday / Sunday ( 30th / 1st ) was the Summer Makers' Market @ FarGo Village, Coventry. My 1st ever craft show. It was an experience - a learning experience for sure. All the 'great' ideas I had about how to present my stand ... well most of them went out the metaphorical window by the end of day 1.

Some of them didn't make it past the first hour.


Janet said it would have been a good idea to have gone around a few shows beforehand to see what other people did, and that would have been an excellent thing to do.


Would have been.


That said, it was great fun. Met some really great people. Some of them with years of experience of doing shows, some of them - like me - taking their first faltering steps.


The biggest downer was the heat. It was incredibly hot. That made the simple act of just existing a bit of a chore. It also - common wisdom dictated - meant that people were less likely to want to stroll about an arts & crafts fair.


My feelings are that the World Cup didn't help - any excuse for a party, and with the weather so good, that probably meant a BBQ and a bit of a piss-up at home.


The common consensus was that both days were quiet.


But, overall, it was a positive experience. Most importantly, I have now done a show, so the next one won't be the first one. Hopefully, I can take what I have learned and use that knowledge to make the next time even better.


Plus, I made some excellent contacts who had some serious knowledge about sourcing materials, manufacturing processes, and generally brilliant artsy advice.




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