New in-store.

November 8, 2018

Have updated the shop to include some new items - a couple of new Genesis-inspired illustrations, and an A2 dinosaur poster - great for fans of prehistoric beasties, and let's face it, who isn't a fan of those prehistoric beasties ??


Growing up, my faves were 'Dimetrodon', and 'Styracosaurus', as well as the classics - I'm talking 'Stegosaurus', 'Brachiosaurus' and  - of course - 'T-Rex'.

They're all in the poster, as well as lesser-known, but still incredibly wonderful, dinosaurs such as 'Stygimoloch', 'Oviraptor', and 'Glyptodon'.


It might not be totally 100% scientifically accurate, but then again, neither was 'Jurassic Park', and did that matter ?? No it did not.


In fact, while doing the research for the dinosaur pic, I discovered a really upsetting nugget of info regarding Jurassic Park ... and it's not good news for fans of 'Velociraptors'. Let's just say they're not as fearsome as the films would have us think. Though I still wouldn't invite one to bite me.


Coming soon - NEW pin-badge designs.

Currently 13 designs - 'Genesis' and 'Pink Floyd'. 

Am awaiting the initial proofs from the manufacturer. 

More info in the near future ...



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