It's been a long, long time ...

April 4, 2019

Hasn't it ?


Yes, I've been remiss. Lots of things have been pulling me in various directions.

Not all good, to be honest. But some good. 


So, here I am again, catching up like a frantic beast.


Since I last posted, pretty much the single biggest constant has been Brexit.

I hate that word. It's like the PR branding for something incredibly complex, and incredibly important. Maybe that was the idea - take something mind-meltingly convoluted, and try ( and fail ) to sum it up in one word.

People like simplicity. I like simplicity. But not everything is simple. Not everything that be summed up in a word. Or a sound ( shout out to Spartacus Mills ).


But, my intention is not to bang on about the many wrongs of Br*x*t.

My intention is to tell you about 'The Arty Party' - an exhibition I had the pleasure to attend last Friday. The 29th of March. The day - not coincidentally - the UK was supposed to have left the EU.

It most definitely was not a celebration of Br*x*t, but it was a discussion on how we all will have to co-operate in whatever future we end up living in.


It's strange to think that if things had proceeded according to design, I'd be typing this at the start of that bright new dawn. However, I am not.


I contributed a couple of poster designs. Which was lovely. It was also a bit surreal to see people taking photos of my work.


Photography isn't my thing, but I took a few snaps throughout the evening in an attempt to memorialise the evening. 

























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