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(Below) Painting was a long, drawn-out process. Even with the plastic coating, the paint still had a tendency to soak into the poly foam, meaning it took more coats than I anticipated. The dark purple ( it's not black ) really stood-out against the red. I used acrylics, but any water-based paint is fine.

The whites of the eyes were overpainted with UV reactive paint. It was the first time I'd used UV paint, and I found it difficult to work with. It didn't apply like other paints, and would dry blotchy. Again, it required a lot of applications to achieve a consistent finish.

(Below) Adding the teeth, and the details to the eyes. The irises and pupils were a mix of acrylic and UV reactive paints. The pieces were then varnished, to give both an added layer of protection, and a shiny, slightly slimy appearance. The gloss look also makes the eyes come alive.

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