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A2 Prog Posters.

in honour of the music that has inspired me.

Hand-drawn, then edited and coloured in photoshop.

With photo-textures to give a 'collage-like' effect.

These illustrations are available to purchase in the shop.

More to follow ... suggestions welcome.

Marillion 1989 - 2016

The 'h' years - featuring every album from 'Seasons End' to 'F.E.A.R.'

genesis 1970 - 1977

The Gabriel & Hackett years - featuring every album from 'Trespass' to 'Wind & Wuthering'. 

Steve Hackett

The legendary Steve Hackett, with my 'Genesis 1970 - 1977' illustration.


My celebration of Canada's finest musical export.

The Music of Genesis

The Lady Lies - 'I fear the dark and I live all alone ...'

Heathaze - 'Beware the fisherman who's casting out his line ...'

Cul-De-Sac - 'Far below, where shadows fester as they grow ...'

Scenes From a Night's Dream - 'Giant nymphs and goblins playing ...'

Undertow - 'But we're safe in each other's embrace ...'

Turn It On Again - 'Down on my luck again ...'

Home by the Sea - 'As we relive our lives in what we tell you ...'

Silver Rainbow - 'But if you're sitting there beside her ...'