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I like to imagine that, behind all of life's petty frustrations, there are low-level dark forces at play, scheming their moderately-evil schemes, pulling their middling ethereal strings.

There, in the darkness, moving the chair that is eager for our shins to greet it; Then strategically placing that stray Lego brick that is silently awaiting the bare foot to meet it.

These are the Demons, sent to annoy, to irritate, and to generally balls-up our days.

'Sockendieb' - The Sock THIEF.

Or - 'The reason why I have so many odd socks'.

Commutes with our Earthly dimension via a portal in my tumble dryer.

Utilises his army of 'Sneaky-Beakies' to steal unguarded hosiery.

'Pere Mal Aux Pieds' - Father hurt feet.

Or - 'Bloody hell who left that there ?!'

Creeping about in the dark, he silently places hurty things on the floor.

Soft, bare feet do not stand a chance.

'Signora sfortuna' - lady misfortune

Or - 'Of all days, why today ?!'

So, today is the day you've got an interview for that dream job, and then

you gotta go to your best friend's wedding.

Or was it a presentation you were giving. To the boss. And his boss ?!

Well, perhaps, during the night, Lady Misfortune paid you a visit.

Just a wave of her wand, and - Ta-daaah ! - Hello to hair that can never be tamed,

and - as a special bonus - a pulsing great boil on the end of your nose !!

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