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The 100 Day Project is an online community-driven creative initiative that, as its name suggests, runs for 100 ( not necessarily consecutive ) days. There are no rules, it is totally self-driven. Nobody forces you to do something every day for your 100 days. There are no restrictions as to what you can do for the 100 days.

Last year was my first year participating, and I created a series of animal-themed sketches that incorporated each of the numbers 1 - 100. It was fun, though some numbers were more challenging than others ( 8s & 4s especially ). I didn't make it quite to the end of the whole 100 days. So, this year I am determined to make it all the way through, just so I can tell myself that I did it.


This year, I am attempting to create a new origami model for each day. I'm pretty much a newbie, but it was something I have been wanting to get into for some time, as well as other forms of paper crafting.

I was given some 'How to ...' origami & paper craft books for Christmas, and the current lockdown has proven to be the ideal time to actually do some learning and making.